G’day there,

I’ve crafted these wines from my absolute faith in their varieties and styles,
and from my love of the cool Adelaide Hills where they are grown.

They are modern and non-conventional, they are our future. From my
experiences at home and internationally, I have applied traditional and
current winemaking and maybe some thinking from a little beyond, as well.

I hope you enjoy these wines in the spirit of the hospitality I have made
them for, and as my little contribution to peace, love and harmony!

cheers, Sam.

Scott Lo Zingaro

Lo Zingaro

Lo Zingaro, or ‘the gypsy’, is a newbie, a more savoury evolution of our previous Shiraz Sangiovese.

This is a well travelled blend of 62% Shiraz, 20% Sangiovese, 9% Aglianico and 9% Lagrein where the Shiraz provides the juicy, dark-fruited sex appeal, the Sangiovese gives the vibrant cherries and lift, Aglianico’s briary nature adds the savoury finish, and all are supported by dense and structured Lagrein.



Fiano, an ancient variety originating from the Campania region of Italy, loves our Adelaide Hills summers and retains great natural acidity, allowing time on the vine to develop some gorgeous ripe fruit characters. The goal here was to capture Fiano’s pristine flavours.

Dry, aromatic, expressive, delicious.

The Great Wave Sparkling Pinot Grigio

The Great Wave
Sparkling Pinot Grigio

Lifted delicious aromas and flavours of pear and apple leap out with the bubbles in this wine. ‘Grigio’ style: Where the palate exhibits a racy acidity and light fragrant characters. This unique wine has undergone secondary fermentation for bubbles and complexity, and has been filled out with a generous dosage. After a few days, should there be any of this wine left, treat it as you would a racy Pinot Grigio still wine, because it stays in such good nick.

La Prova

Sam Scott’s new project
'La Prova'

'La Prova' or 'the trial/experiment' is the opportunity to explore the fascinating landscape of emerging and alternative Italian grape varieties grown in Australia, wherever they may do best.

No limits, no pre-conceived ideas, our simple mandate is for varietal expression, faithfulness to style, great value and enjoyment.
There is a racy Pinot Grigio, an earthy Aglianico, a bright and grippy Sangiovese, a dry and savoury Aglianico Rosato, a prosecco-styled Sparkling Pinot Grigio and a textural Garganega, all out there waiting to be discovered.

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